Mission & Vision



Yildiz Technopark adopted the mission of the establishment of an inspirational ecosystem to lead national and domestic brands and thus the contribution to national competitive power.

Yildiz Technopark was established to reinforce the national R&D and innovation infrastructures in order to support the 2023 goals of Turkey. Our main purpose is to support the growing and developing economy of our country based on an R&D, technology and innovation culture and perspective. In this context, there are 3 elements established to support the mission of Yildiz Technopark:

1)         To provide an environment, support and possibility to innovative entrepreneurs with high added value and opportunity to produce advanced technology, product and service where they can conduct their R&D, software and design activities,

2)        To bring small entrepreneurs together with the state, university, investors and big businesses and to provide a collaboration environment in order that these entrepreneurs can be successful in the national and international markets,

3)        To ensure that new commercial values are created thanks to encouraging the transfer of knowledge and research results of universities to innovative attempts.


Our vision is to be a pioneer in the Research, Innovation and Commercializing activities and to give inspiration to global developments with such

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