Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational-Health Safety Culture

It is essential that the Health and Occupational Safety management system is in such a structure that is adopted by technopark employees and administrative staff and that everyone can make these systems a part of their lives.

Yıldız Teknopark accepts the health and safety culture as an important element of its culture. It is the primary duty of all managers and employees to form and develop common behaviors, habits, beliefs and values in all stakeholders in this matter, and, when necessary, to pay attention to the element of confidentiality regarding the information about individuals without damaging the public health.

Yıldız Teknopark's health and safety culture is based on questioning the information about stakeholders’ occupational safety, inclination to excellence, personal responsibility and internal audit.

Yıldız Teknopark supports and encourages the studies in this matter through trainings, seminars and activities for the development of health and safety culture.

Proactive Approach and Hazard Reporting

Yıldız Teknopark's approach focuses on preventing negative events and accidents and mitigating the effects of non-preventable events. In accordance with this approach, the hazards observed in each field, where it is operated, the near miss incidents experienced and nonconformities are reported, and the information received through the reports are effectively analyzed and converted into preventive actions.

Reactive, proactive and preventive approaches are used in risk management. In order to achieve this, visitors, administrative employees, subcontractors are important participants in the hazard identification and risk assessment method. This forms such communication channels that will provide with the notification of the near miss incidents and dangerous situations experienced or witnessed by visitors and subcontractors, and operates them effectively.

Risk Management

The elements threatening all stakeholders’ health or the safety of works are identified at all stages starting from the planning stage to the work completion in the technopark facilities, the construction, building, repair and maintenance activities, and all the organizations, where the name of Yıldız Teknopark is mentioned, in order to reduce risks to an acceptable level at Yıldız Teknopark.

In the planning of the measures to be taken, compliance with the relevant legal regulations and the risk management hierarchy is essential for the identification of hazards and the reduction of risks to an acceptable level.

When selecting materials, equipment and systems, the ones that will pose the least hazard are preferred. The effectiveness of hazard identification and of risk management activities will be evaluated through controls, tests, monitoring and measuring activities, and additional measures will be planned when necessary.

Communication and Awareness Management

Teknopark employees play an active role in solving negative events or the conditions that they find risky by informing the management OHS Experts of the mentioned ones through an e-mail or by phone.

Protection of Health

It is important to protect everyone's health at Yıldız Teknopark. Therefore, the elements threatening all stakeholders’ health are determined just at the planning stage in the technopark facilities and all the organizations, where the name of Yıldız Teknopark is mentioned.

Hygiene and general health protection rules are determined throughout Teknopark, and all stakeholders are informed about these rules. Compliance with the established rules is among the common responsibilities of all stakeholders.

When selecting materials, equipment, systems and chemicals, the ones that threaten health the least are preferred. Their health will be protected by continuously checking their health, particularly those who are exposed to special health hazards. Health data will be collected, analyzed and then preventive actions will be planned.

The OHS processes and issues are discussed at the coordination meetings annually held with tenant companies, and their solutions are followed up.

Surveillance and Audit

Surveillances and audits are systematically and daily carried out in a planned manner in order to monitor compliance with the rules. The results of these surveillance and audit activities carried out by qualified personnel are recorded, and objectively evaluated. The deficiencies identified as a result of the surveillance and audit and the actions to be taken to reach the target results are planned without delay, and put into use.

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