Our Quality Policy

As Yıldız Teknopark, the following ones constitute the basis of our quality policy; to be a pioneer in the development of high technology, to create a sustainable structure in harmony with the science and technology policies of our country, to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level in the services that we provide, to meet and exceed customer expectations, to produce high technologies by benefitting from the national and international scientific studies, to ensure that these technologies are brought to our country's industry, and to shape the future. It is our basic quality policy to implement and sustain the following activities in order to achieve success in our journey;

• Performing the documentation, its certification and continuous improvement as such that it meets the ISO 9001 standard,
• Realizing our mission as sensitive to the society and the environment in a culture of cooperation and team spirit by taking total quality as a basis,
• Continuously ensuring the required improvement of our research, development and service processes in order to meet stakeholder needs and expectations,
• Following up and implementing the legislation published about scientific and technological issues and technoparks,
• Motivating innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.


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