It is such a site that use high/advanced technology, or that companies for new technologies produce/develop technology or software by benefitting the opportunities of a particular university or high-tech institute or R & D center or institute, and contribute to the development of the region in order to transform a technological invention into a commercial product, method or service within or near the same university, high-tech institute or R & D center or institute area, where the academic, economic and social structure integrate, or a region with the above-mentioned features.
The following ones can take part in these zones; the companies among the domestic and foreign companies currently using high/advanced technologies that form their R & D units in TDZs and realize new R & D projects, and the SMEs that want to develop software or innovative technologies by using the facilities of a University, Institute of Advanced Technology or Public R & D Center, and the companies that are grown in TECHNOCENTERs, and the young entrepreneurs having an idea that can be commercialized.
Industrial, production and commercial activities are carried out in free zones, and R & D and software activities are performed in technoparks. While significant legal incentives for R & D and software-based activities continue in technoparks, the incentives in free zones finished at the end of 2008 to a large extent. On the other hand, foreign trade regime is applied in free zones, because they are outside the customs line. And technoparks are within the customs line, and there is VAT exemption for software products in the sales made in Turkey.
The legal arrangement to enable the establishment and operation and audit of technoparks in our country has been provided, to a large extent, by the Law no. 4691 on Technology Development Zones, which was entered into force on 06.07.2001, and the Implementation Regulation of Technology Development Zones, which was entered into force on 01.04.2014. Important advantages are provided to the institutions in the region, the university and the public personnel, who want to work in the region, and the regional managing company by means of the Law of Technology Development Zones no. 4691. The Advantages for the Institutions Operating in Technology Development Zones: Personal income and corporate income tax exemptions till the end of 2023 for the income that the personal income and corporate income taxpayers operating in the region obtain from their software and R & D activities, All kinds of tax exemptions till the end of 2023 regarding the salaries of researchers, software developers and R & D personnel working in the region, Insurance premium support: Exemption of half of the employer\s share of the insurance premium calculated on the salaries of the R & D and support personnel for their works till 31/12/2023, VAT exemption for the software produced in the region. The Advantages Regarding the Employment of the Personnel of University and Public Institutions and Organizations: The right to work permanently or part-time with the permission of the organizations, at which they work, Excluding the income obtained by the faculty members from the scope of the University’s Revolving Funds. The faculty members will be granted with the right to establish a company, to become a partner to an established company and/or to take office in the management of these companies in order to commercialize the results of their researches.
The companies willing to take part in the Yıldız Teknopark can find the opportunity to visit the empty office spaces, the buildings and the environment by getting an appointment.
It is possible to lease office spaces of variable sizes in the Yıldız Teknopark based on the needs of the companies.
There is no restriction preventing companies from re-applying.
It is possible to lease land and build your own building on the parcels specified in the Yıldız Technopark.
It is not necessary for a company to have its headquarters in the region. Companies can move their existing R & D units to Teknopark.
Arbitration Committee fee is paid in order for the Yıldız Teknopark applications to be evaluated.
The application requests are resolved within 60 days as from the date companies submit their application forms.
The Evaluation Committee consists of the expert faculty members of YTU, who are appropriate for the company’s field of activity and the subject of the R & D or the software project to be conducted in Teknopark.
Foreign managers and qualified R & D personnel can be employed in the region within the framework of the Law for the Encouragement of Foreign Capital no. 6224 and the provisions of relevant legislation.
The companies benefiting from the exemptions provided under Law no. 4691 by taking part in the Yıldız Teknopark are obliged to operate in accordance with this law. Companies are obliged to submit all kinds of information and documents requested by the Managing Company or the relevant public institutions within the scope of their periodic monitoring and audit activities and to fill in their periodic activity forms.
According to the subparagraph (ı) of the first paragraph of the article 14 of the Implementation Regulation of Technology Development Zones; the entrepreneur, who takes part in the region but does not submit a new project as of the completion date of his/her projects shall be notified to the relevant Tax Office and Social Security Institution within 30 days following the completion of his/her last project, and In the event that the he/she does not initiate a new R & D or design project within three months, the necessary procedures to ensure the expulsion of the entrepreneur from the Region shall be carried out regardless of the duration of the existing lease agreement.
In the event that it is necessary to carry out some of the following activities within the project mentioned below outside the Region, hundred percent of the salaries regarding these activities outside the region are evaluated within the scope of the incentive of income tax withholding, provided that they are directly related to the projects conducted in such Regions by the R & D and design personnel working at the companies in the Technology Development Zones established within the Law of Technology Development Zones no. 4691, and that they get the relevant regional managing company’s approval and inform the Ministry of Industry and Technology: a) Laboratory, analysis, testing and experimental studies. b) Studies conducted in the other R & D or design centers. c) Field research. ç) Activities for developing prototypes. d) Scientific events on condition of being limited to the personnel working at the projects.
It is evaluated within the scope of the incentive of income tax withholding for the salaries of the R & D and design personnel working at the companies in the region at least for one year and getting a master’s or doctorate degree provided that it is applied to not more than one and a half years for graduate students and two years for doctoral students, and that it does not exceed one hundred percent of their salaries regarding the period they spent outside the region.
It is required to obtain the approval of the regional management company and to inform the Ministry in order to benefit from the incentive. The period to be spent in graduate education is calculated with the approval of the regional management company considering the course program approved by the university in order to apply the relevant exemption. In these calculations, the studies to be conducted within the scope of the courses taken in the graduate education may be taken into account.
It is not possible to evaluate the earnings of the companies carrying out software, R & D or design activities, that will be generated from their projects they completed as of their operation date in the Region, within the scope of the exemption. The taxpayers’ earnings that they generated from the project based on software, R & D or design that they started before their operation date and continued after their operation date in the Region can benefit from the exemption provided that only the portion of earnings of project that is realized in the Region will benefit from this exemption.
It can move there on condition that the relevant project is re-evaluated by the Project Evaluation Commission in the new Region.
A place can be allocated to an entrepreneur in the Region without further review and approval of the projects, that are supported within other public and international R & D support programs or that are formed by public institutions and organizations as to state that they are R & D projects.
They are exempted from customs duty and all kinds of funds in the imported goods, and the papers and transactions issued within this scope are exempted from the stamp tax and dues.
All the companies in R & D and Design Centers and Technology Development Zones, that are engaged in research activities related to software, R & D, innovation and design projects carried out within the scope of the Law no. 4691, can benefit from the exemption of customs duty.
The companies to benefit from this exemption shall submit their requests to the regional management company according to the application form and its annexes determined by the General Directorate of Science and Technology. The regional management company shall evaluate whether the request for import good is suitable to its compliance with the project within the scope of article 14 of the Regulation. The regional management company shall forward the application including the information regarding the goods that it deems suitable to the General Directorate through the Single Window System of the Ministry of Customs and Trade. The General Directorate shall evaluate the application, and, if deemed suitable, approves the application, and informs the Ministry of Customs and Trade through the Single Window System to be used in the customs transactions.
No, it is not. It is required for companies to be a partner to the entrepreneurial company during its establishment or later on, and to invest capital there.
There is no restriction. However, the amount of support subject to discount shall not exceed 500,000- TL annually.
It is required for the companies willing to benefit from the laboratories and research centers of the Yıldız Technical University to consult with relevant department heads or research center directorate.
It is required for the companies willing to cooperate with university faculty members in the projects to apply to the Technology Transfer Office of YTU within the Yıldız Teknopark.
There are the following units within the TTO of YTU providing service to academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and students; Corporate Communication, Project Support, University-Industry Cooperation, Patent and Entrepreneurship. The Technology Transfer Office of Yıldız Technical University supports on the following ones; ensuring academic-industry coordination, supporting research activities within the scope of commerce and consultancy, informing, training, project supports, cooperation, intellectual and industrial property rights, entrepreneurship and corporation.
The Yıldız Teknopark audits the OHS service received by the companies within its structure, and ensures the full implementation of the OHS law and its provisions, and works in coordination with the OHS teams of companies. Teknopark finds a solution in the fastest way to eliminate OHS nonconformities in its common areas, if any.
You can access to contact information in the contact section, from whom you can get detailed information.
Our leaseholder companies are obliged to get a written approval of the Technical Services Directorate of Teknopark A.Ş. regarding all kinds of repairs, alterations, maintenances, renovations etc., that they plan to carry out concerning the areas they leased.
It is required for the leasing companies to fill in the check-out form in order to take any material, furniture etc. out of the zone. The signature and seal the leaseholder’s authorized person shall be applied on the form, and then the signature and seal of the officer of the Technical Services Directorate of Teknopark A.Ş. shall be received. Upon the delivery of the relevant documents to the Security Staff, the transportation and check-out transactions can be performed only after 18:00 at evenings or at weekends. As to material check-ins, it is required for the leasing companies to follow the procedure in order to take any material, furniture etc. in the zone: they have to send either an e-mail, including the identification information of the persons to come from outside the zone and to perform the transportation and the document indicating that they are currently registered in the SSI and the plate information, from the leasing company’s corporate e-mail address to the address of teknikdestek@yildizteknopark.com.tr, or the mentioned information and document have to be submitted by the leasing company’s authorized signatory to the Technical Services Directorate of Teknopark A.Ş. along with a sealed and signed statement. These transactions have to be performed no later than 1 day before and within the working hours. The transactions have to be completed no later than 14:00 on Friday for the works to be performed at weekends. The statements made after the working hours shall be evaluated the next day. The security staff shall be informed based on such statements, and the relevant persons’ entrance and exit shall be ensured. Click here to get the Material Check-out Form.
Foreign companies can take part in the region over their parent companies abroad without establishing a company in Turkey.
Foreign companies can establish their first company in Turkey in the technopark region. They do not need to apply by establishing a company outside the zone.
In the application process, projects are accepted in a foreign language. However, once the project is accepted, it has to be translated into Turkish for transferring the project to the technopark portal and ministry portal.
In case there are more than one foreign employee to be employed, it is required to employ 5 Turkish citizens for each foreign employee.
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