Prototype Workshop


Our aim is to support the projects of academicians and students of Yıldız Technical University to produce prototypes that will provide solutions to the needs of the sector by using the support and opportunities of Yıldız Technology Transfer Office under Yıldız Teknopark, and to contribute to the formation of a different entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country with the first production support to be granted to project owners.


You can send an e-mail to by filling out the application form for your Prototype Workshop application.

You can fill out the training application form online for the trainings to be provided under the Istanbul Development Agency project.

Application Form - Training Application Form
Our Principles


a) It is required that there will be faculty members and/or students of YTU among the project applicants. The fact that projects receiving support from industry and/or a scientific institution is an important priority reason for strengthening the university-industry cooperation. The fact that Yıldız Teknopark companies are among the applicants may be among the reasons why they are preferred.

b) Those applications submitted by the applicants to the Teknopark Management through an e-mail or letter indicating the purpose and scope of the project and the supports they receive are subject to a preliminary examination, and the ones found appropriate are requested to submit a detailed project file. The projects will be prepared in accordance with a format provided by the management. The Advisory Board may make evaluations over the project application file or by face to face interview.

c) The Advisory Board takes the necessary measures to protect researchers’ copyrights in project applications.

d) Researchers can benefit from technopark supports for the registration of their inventions and/or patent rights.


a) The supports to be provided to researchers consist of machinery, tools, equipment and technicians, who will assist in production, for field and basic needs for the purpose of prototype work in the workshop as well as open work office, access opportunities to computer and internet, the right to use existing engineering and design programs and consultancy opportunities. In addition, some materials and fasteners that can be used in the works will be provided.

b) In principle, Teknopark does not provide financial support moneywise. However, the procurement for the project may be performed limitedly with the recommendation of the Advisory Board and the approval of Teknopark, and the ones purchased is recorded as a property of Teknopark.

c) A document is requested from those researchers, who have an SSI guarantee. A group accident insurance is taken out for those, who do not have SSI security.

d) Teknopark provides support to researchers and to project support organizations, such as TUBITAK and Santez etc., through its TTO channel in the preparation of application files.

e) Teknopark takes the necessary measures in order for the students and faculty members to work outside the normal working hours in the Prototype Workshop to the extent permitted by opportunities and economic conditions.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Ahmet KOYUN – Advisory Chairman

Prof. Dr. Mesut GÜNER – Member of Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin YILMAZ – Member of Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Vasfi ÖMÜRLÜ – Member of Advisory Board

Doç. Dr. Erhan AKDOĞAN – Member of Advisory Board

Kaan ÜNLÜGENÇ – Member of Advisory Board

Gökhan AYBASTI – Prototype Workshop Specialist

Production Area


Innovation and Prototype Workshop Machine Park

After the procurement of the materials that you need in your project at the Prototype Workshop, you can make production by using these machines.

3-dimensional printer

Soldering iron machine

Professional 3-dimensional printer

Surface grinding

CNC Router

NC sinking machine

CNC Cutter

CNC Lathe




Band Saw

Mig/Mag Welding Machine

Hydraulic Press

Profile Cutter

Guide Rolling Machine


Power Supply

Signal Generator





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