Firms which apply to Technopark are required to fill in application form. Firms complete pre-application process by delivering application form to Technopark Administration. Application forms are evaluated from Arbitration Committee which assigned by Board of Yildiz Technopark.

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Arbitration Board Bank Account Information:

Is Bank Y.T.U branch
TRY Account Number: 3633618
Is Bank Y.T.U bracnh
USD Account Number: 82105

Application Steps

Evaluation Criteria

Projects that wished to be run at Yildiz Technopark, are examined whether projects are related to R&D or not under the Technology Development Zone Implementing Regulations criteria which is published in official journal no: 28939 on 12 March 2014.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Potential of commercialisation,
  • Potential of developing high-tech import substitution or export products,
  • Potential of developing innovative products and production methods,
  • Potential of increasing efficiency of products quality and standards,


  • Potential of reducing production costs,
  • Potential of creating technological knowledge,
  • Potential of creating efficient university – industry collaboration,
  • Potential of creating efficient university – industry collaboration.
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