Technoparks are organized research centers that integrate the social, academic and economic structure. Universities, research institutions and industry organization perform R&D activities, transforming information and technology at Technopark.
Industrial, manufacturing and commercial activities are conducted in free zones. But R&D and software activities are conducted in Technoparks.  Even though important legal incentives based on R&D and software activities are still proceeding in Technoparks they have largely finished in free zones at the end of 2008. Additionally, free zones are outside of the custom frontier thus they operate under foreign trade legislation. But Technoparks are in the custom frontier and have V.A.T. exemption for software products which sold in Turkey.

Great advantages are provided to companies which located in technology development zone, university and state employees who want to work in technology development zone and managing company of technology development zone with law no 4691.

Advantages to the Companies Which Operates in Technology Development Zone:

There are corporation and income tax exemption till the end of 2023 from profits of software and R&D activities in the area,
V.A.T. exemption for software products which produced in the technology development zone

Advantages for Employment of Universities and State Institutions’ Personnel:

Incomes that earned by university scholars are excluded from the scope of university Revolving Funds.
Ö?retim elemanlar?n?n elde etti?i gelirlerin üniversite Döner Sermaye kapsam? d???nda tutulmas?,
Right to found a company, be a partner to a company or participate in the management of a company to university scholars for commercializing their research outputs.

Firms that want to be in Yildiz Technopark may visit the empty office and surrounding area by getting an appointment prior to their visit.

Natural and legal persons whose are properties are specified by the law no. 4691 n apply to Yildiz Technopark. Besides these, the companies that will be able to provide support and consultancy services to firms located in Yildiz Technopark can take place in Yildiz Technopark provided that Management Company see fit as well.

Application request is determined within 60 days from submission of the application forms by the firms.

Evaluation Committee consist of university scholars who have expertise on conducted software and R&D projects at Technopark.

There aren’t any restrictions for re-application of firms.

Base on company requirements, different size of Office spaces can be rented in Technopark.

You may rent a field within limits and build your own building in Technopark.

Company headquarter is not required to be in Yildiz Technopark. Firms might only move their R&D units or even part of their R&D units to Yildiz Technopark as well.

Employing expats is legitimate in Yildiz Technopark.

Firms that benefit from exemptions provided by Yildiz Technopark, have to operate under law no 4691. Firms are obligated to fill periodic activity form and deliver requested information and documents within periodic monitoring and inspection of managing company or relevant public institutions.

Supporting firms can’t benefit from advantages provided by the Technopark within law no: 4691.

Firms need to get permission from the relevant heads of department or research center directorate for using to laboratories and research centers.

Firms that want to collaborate with university scholars need to apply to Yildiz Technical University Technology Transfer Office.

There are Project Supports, University-Industry Cooperation, Patent, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Communications units which serve to academics, industrialists, entrepreneurs and students in Y.T.U. Technology Transfer Office.

Yildiz Technical University T.T.O.’s support services are; ensuring academy-industry coordination, supporting research studies within consultancy and trading, briefing, training, project supports, intellectual and industrial property rights management, entrepreneurship, incorporation.

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