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Postgraduate Certificate Program in Industrial R&D and Technology Management to be offered by The University of Warwick in association with Yıldız Technical University and Technopark

Under the auspices of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkish Republic, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with WMG, University of Warwick, UK. WMG intends to deliver a new postgraduate certificate program managed by YTU’s industry related institution namely Continuous Education Centre and Technopark.

The program will give the participants, who want to professionally develop themselves on Industrial R&D and Technology Management, access to the unique expertise of WMG, together with the opportunity to achieve a postgraduate qualification from The University of Warwick, internationally renowned and one of the top universities in the UK. Modules will be delivered in English by the tutors of WMG of University of Warwick on YTU’s main campus located in Besiktas right in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey.

Participating in this program will be an important step to invest in your future. You will gain the necessary skills to effectively compete in the global market with the help of Warwick’s leading edge members of staff in the areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, industrial R&D and technology management.

Your postgraduate certificate will be awarded by the University of Warwick, one of the UK’s most innovative and highly ranked universities. The program can also lead you to join a master or PhD programme from the University of Warwick providing you successfully complete the certificate programme.

We are looking forward to be your partner to design our common future as better qualified professionals and more effective and productive organisations.

Program at a Glance
The programme will be taught in English by WMG of University of Warwick staff in Yıldız Technical University’s Besiktas campus on a modular basis.

A module consists of 40 hours over 5 days of direct tuition usually delivered in an intensive, full-immersion block followed by 60 hours self-study leading to the completion of an industrial based “Post Module Assignment (PMA)”. A PMA is type of mini project related to the participant’s work environment. Each PMA (or mini project) is expected to yield a report consisting of around 4000-5000 words.

The taught segment of each module starts on Wednesday morning and ends on Sunday night.

Following the taught segment, the pertaining PMA is completed within a period of 8 weeks.

The Warwick-YTU Postgraduate Certificate requires successful completion of 6 modules. Modules are offered in the following subjects:

Core Modules: For the postgraduate certificate programme, compulsory core modules are:

1- Technology Management
2- Project Planning and Management & Control
3- Innovation
4- Financial Analysis & Control Systems

Elective Modules: (choose 2 from the list below) Elective modules are chosen to supplement core modules. They provide participants the flexibility to tailor the program in line with their specific interests and needs. These are:

1- Product Design & Development Management
2- Management of Change
3- Cryptosystems and Data Protection
4- Operations Strategy for Industry
5- Supply Chain Management

Modules are taught at postgraduate level and, therefore, require a relevant Bachelor’s degree and English proficiency in order to be able to follow the modules and write the associated assignments (i.e. PMAs).

The program is directed primarily to R&D centres, technology parks and technology based company employees wishing to improve their professional status and work efficiency and capability to lead and manage R&D.

New graduates with no company association may apply.

Program is open to international applicants.

Participants successfully completing modules may carry the credit from those modules forward into MSc. (9 modules and a work related dissertation required)

WMG Post Graduate Certificate Program at YTU
The program offered is designed to develop skills in management and leadership for those with a technical background and wishing to work within technology-led industries.

The program is both challenging and rewarding. Innovative teaching methods are employed to ensure students engage practically with their studies and are well equipped on graduation to apply this to real work scenarios.

Dynamic Learning Culture 
On top of theoretical learning from the academia, the program emphasises interactive learning approach.

The teaching and learning focus on group discussion and presentation, industry case study sharing, corporate project analysis and other activities to assist students in consolidating their knowledge in the fast-changing world.

WMG has strong links with industry to draw real-world insights into the teaching. Business or industry visits and lectures conducted by distinguished speakers from the industry allow students to immense themselves in the business environment and establish constructive relationship with the industrial experts and business professionals.

Assessment: Post Module Assignment
There are no written examinations for our Postgraduate Certificate Programme, instead assessment is achieved through work based Post Module Assignments (PMA), usually in the range of 4000-5000 words, which typically requires a further 40 to 60 hours of work. Some modules can also include an in-module assessment component usually through a group work exercise.

The PMA is carefully set as an educational extension to a particular module that you attended. We believe that applying the ideas, tools and techniques learned on the programme directly into your work environment through PMAs is the best way of embedding learning in a manner that is meaningful to both you and your employer.

Learning Style
The taught component of the program is a blend of formal lectures, seminars, practical exercises, simulation games and case studies to encourage teamwork and practical grounding of the material.

Modules are taught in an intensive 5 days block allowing participants to be fully immersed in each subject area. Tutors are highly qualified and are supported by external speakers working at the forefront of their specialisation.

How to Apply
For pre-applications please fill in our short online form at warwick.yildiz.edu.tr

For Registration
The following supporting documents will be required:

- Original application form
- Statement of purpose
- Academic transcripts and diplomas
- Two references from industry specialist or academia
- English language qualification certificate

Programs will start November 2012. To enrol the November programs, registration must be completed before September 15, 2012.

For further information and how to apply, please visit our website warwick.yildiz.edu.tr or call + 90 212 483 70 00-01 Yıldız TechnoPark Office

Entry Requirements
Since the course modules are taught and assessed at postgraduate level, candidates require 4 years university degree and also English proficiency (typically IELTS or equivalent). Candidate with a lower English proficiency will be able to enrol on an English preparation course administrated by YTU

University of Warwick
The University of Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation, and for links with business and industry. Warwick now has in excess of 22,000 students and is ranked comfortably in the top 10 of all UK university league tables. Over the last half century it has established itself as a truly international university, positioned within the top 50 universities in the world and 3rd in the QS World University Ranking of universities established in the last 50 years.

Warwick is a highly targeted university (the second most targeted university in the UK), by employers for graduate recruitment programs.

For more information: http://warwick.yildiz.edu.tr

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