Message from the General Manager

Dear Start-ups,

YTU Yıldız Technopark, which was founded in 2003 and started its activities in Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus in 2009, has become a regional player whose strength exceeds our limits, having been selected first among the technoparks in Turkey for the last three years in a row. We are determined to continue our work without slowing our pace down, in line with our goal of "establishing an inspiring ecosystem that will lead the birth of world brands from these lands and contributing to the international competitiveness of our country", which brought us this success.

Our Technopark, which has achieved many successes since the day it started its activities, currently hosts more than 500 companies. While more than 140 startups are working on new ideas in our incubation center, we have acquired more than 270 industrial intellectual properties and implemented more than 900 R&D projects to date. Knowing that these projects directly or indirectly contribute nearly 2 billion USD to our country's export revenue increases our excitement for our work.

Continuing its activities with the vision of becoming an international innovation center and hosting over 8,000 R&D employees, our Technopark paved the way for the realization of over 4,000 projects in a short period of 9 years. Our aim is to carry these efforts to the global level in line with our vision 2025.

We are opening Incubation and Technology Centers in various parts of the world on this path we set out to become a leading technopark in our region and a leader in the world. By combining the power we derive from the global value network of Yıldız Technical University, which has a deep-rooted history of 111 years, with our intellectual capital and strong corporate relations, we work harder every day to bring our initiatives to the world stage.

We carry on our activities in order to be the most trusted, most preferred and equipped technopark in our target territories, especially in the Turkic Republics, and we also make an important effort to attract initiatives that develop technology and can make disruptive innovations from all over the world to our country. For this purpose, we are in the process of putting into practice our two new campuses of 40 thousand m2, 20 thousand m2 in Maslak 1453 project and 20 thousand m2 on Maslak Büyükdere Street, in Maslak, the heartland of the international business and finance world, in addition to our 75 thousand m2 YTU Davutpaşa Campus and 15 thousand m2 İkitelli campuses.

All these achievements we have made in a short time are the most important indicators that we are moving forward with stronger steps towards the future. As we continue our efforts to contribute to the competition of our country in the international arena by supporting the future goals of our country, we get the greatest motivation from our young and dynamic eco-system, and we continue to grow hand in hand with our start-ups.


Orhan Tanışman
General Manager of YTU Yıldız Technopark