What are the Advantages of Technoparks?

In our country, the legal arrangements for the establishment, operation and supervision of technoparks have been largely implemented with the "Technology Development Zones Law" numbered 4691, which entered into force on 06 July 2001, and the "Technology Development Zones Implementation Regulation", which entered into force on 01 April 2014.

The Law on Technology Development Zones No. 4691 offers significant advantages to organizations operating in these zones, university and public personnel considering working in the region, and managing companies within the region.

Advantages Provided to Organisations Operating in Technology Development Zones:

  • Income and corporate taxpayers operating in the zone are exempt from income and corporate tax until the end of 2023 for their earnings from software and R&D activities.
  • Wages of researchers, software developers and R&D personnel working in the zone are exempt from all kinds of taxes until the end of 2023.
  • Half of the employer's share of the insurance premium calculated over the wages earned by R&D and support personnel for their work is exempted until December 31, 2023.
  • VAT exemption is applied for software produced in the zone.

Advantages of Employment of University and Public Institutions and Organizations Personnel:

  • University and public institution personnel have the right to work in these zones on a permanent or part-time basis with the permission of their employing organisations.
  • The income earned by teaching members is excluded from the scope of the university revolving fund.
  • Faculty members have the right to establish a company, become a partner in an existing company and/or take part in the management of these companies in order to commercialise the results of their research.
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