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We Spread Our Technology to the World

The growth of our brands and their presence on the world stage play a critical role in contributing to the wealth and international competitiveness of our country. As YTU Yıldız Technopark, we aim to lead the emergence of world-renowned brands from these lands and to ensure that our country becomes a more important global competitor. In line with this goal, we endeavour to create value and increase our achievements by working together with all our stakeholders.

Among all Technology Development Zones, we are proud to be the best Technopark in Turkey for 3 times in a row.

We aim to support research, innovation, and commercialization activities by quickly adapting to the rapidly changing ecosystem, accelerating the development of billion-dollar projects on the international stage. With this vision and determination, we will continue to pave the way for great achievements beyond our borders.

  • 08.01.2024
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